SEO or not to SEO that is the question

Excuse the quirky post, it’s one of those days. So… if you’re business owners, then you’ve probably had tons of emails from SEO companies who are trying to sell you… well… SEO. This is all well and good… but what’s the value.

First we need to understand what exactly it is we’re dealing with. From what we gather… digital marketing can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. We’ll run through the differences:

Paid advertisements: You know when you’re surfing on Google and you see websites with the funny little green tag underneath that says ‘Ad’… well, they’re paid advertisements (the clue is in the title — right?) There’s a premium for being front and center on Google… therefore it makes sense to pay for advertisements.

Social media: I’m not sure how this fits in… but some people refer to this as SEO — go figure. This is all about using sites like Facebook to raise the profile of a business and/or brand.

Organic search: The Holy Grail of digital marketing. If you can find anyone that can put your business’ website on the first page of Google… then you stand to make a lot of money… the investment will be well worth it.

Well you’re in luck! Because one of our associates EJA Solutions — SEO Swindon is one such company. These guys literally transform websites into money making machines. If you’re thinking about growing your business… why not give them a call?