SEO or not to SEO that is the question

Excuse the quirky post, it’s one of those days. So… if you’re business owners, then you’ve probably had tons of emails from SEO companies who are trying to sell you… well… SEO. This is all well and good… but what’s the value.

First we need to understand what exactly it is we’re dealing with. From what we gather… digital marketing can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. We’ll run through the differences:

Paid advertisements: You know when you’re surfing on Google and you see websites with the funny little green tag underneath that says ‘Ad’… well, they’re paid advertisements (the clue is in the title — right?) There’s a premium for being front and center on Google… therefore it makes sense to pay for advertisements.

Social media: I’m not sure how this fits in… but some people refer to this as SEO — go figure. This is all about using sites like Facebook to raise the profile of a business and/or brand.

Organic search: The Holy Grail of digital marketing. If you can find anyone that can put your business’ website on the first page of Google… then you stand to make a lot of money… the investment will be well worth it.

Well you’re in luck! Because one of our associates EJA Solutions — SEO Swindon is one such company. These guys literally transform websites into money making machines. If you’re thinking about growing your business… why not give them a call?


Independent Financial Advice

Finances are a tricky thing to keep in order but a little hard work is worth the effort, I’m sure you’ll agree. Mortgages for example: More than half of us have a mortgage, so it makes sense that we find the best deal for us at any given time. The problem is, these once simple financial products used to be quite simple. You were offered a sum of money over a given term at a given variable interest rate… and you were expected to pay it back — simple. Now, there are myriad options.

One can have a fixed rate mortgage — length spans from two to ten years. You could choose a variable rate mortgage — again, the term of the rate varies depending on preference. There are offset mortgages that are, like the name indicates, offset against any personal savings that you may have. Then of course, there is the standard variable rate, which differs from lender to lender.

The next big decision is how much you want to borrow. The amount loaned has a direct impact on the about you earn. Being able to borrow is also dependent on your credit rating. Your credit rating is determined by one’s credit history. So, if you have a credit card or you’ve had one in the past… then you have a credit history. It’s important to look after your credit history as it follows you for life. Missing payments, otherwise known as a default, can result in problem for you down the line… like when you need a mortgage for example.

What this means is that mortgage lenders will look into your credit history to ascertain if you’re worthy of being loaned money. There won’t be any problems if you’ve managed to pay off all your credit on time… but what happens if you’re missed a payment? Well… it’s likely the bank won’t give you a mortgage, that’s what. If you think you’ve been affected by bad credit, why not pop in and see one of our advisors, we’d be happy to take a look and help you out.

Talking Money

Where to get the very best IFA support possible

At Monsoon Swindon, we endeavor to provide our customers and clients with the best financial services possible. Our team of three, highly skilled professionals are experienced in almost every aspect of the financial services sector.

As the town’s leading IFA service provider, we are proud to offer the following products and services to our many clients. We have summarised them for you below:


Our mortgage services provide end-to-end support for new home buyers, old home buyers, remortgages, commercial purchases and sales, equity releases and much more. We will help you successfully navigate the sale or buying process, working with your selected estate agent and liaising with third parties on your behalf. Our services will provide you with unrestricted access to a range of interest rates. We a re knowledgeable with fixed, capped and variable rates. In fact, we possess an in-depth knowledge of all available interest rates. We are also ARLA qualified, so we are able to advise you on the best choice for your particular situation.


If investments are more your thing, then we’ve got you covered. We have more than 30 years of investment experience that we will call upon to support you with your investments. We will provide advice and guidance on which instruments to choose from… providing you with the best solution to maximise your earnings and leverage your income. Our support covers all financial instrument, including stocks, bonds, gilts, binaries, indices, currency and more. What’s more, we consistently provide returns that beat the market. Last year, we provided our investment clients with a 20 percent return on their investment on average… you will be hard pressed to find a wealth management company that can attest to that.

Income Protection

Income protection is one of our core competencies. Most of us only have one form of income… but what happens if we can’t work? That’s where our income protection products come in. These innovative and market leading financial products provide our customers with the piece of mind and reassurance needed for them to be safe in the knowledge that their style of living remains protected, regardless of mishaps and/or accidents.