Skilled Movers

Are you planning to change addresses in Hauts-de-Seine soon? Indeed, you will be spoiled for choice on the provider who will make a move. But how to find the right one? How much does a move cost? And what can be done to lower investment?

How To Define The Price Of A Move?

Normally, movers estimate free moving online, based on several criteria:

  • The number of kilometers to go
  • The volume of goods to take away
  • The chosen formula
  • And access

However, to be able to give a precise estimate, a home visit is necessary. For information:

  • For an economic formula, count between 600 to 1800$
  • For the standard method, from 700 to 2500$
  • And for the luxury formula; from 1000 to 3000 €

In short, know that the cost of labor is about 70% of the price. So, the more you ask for big arms for your move, the more you will pay the price.

But What Is The Difference Between These Formulas?

Of course, almost all experienced movers like Demex offer the same formulas. But some offer additional services such as cleaning services from the point of departure, installation of furniture, etc. In any case, each method has its particularities:

The economical is the ideal option for a cheap move. However, it is intended for people with more availability, because of the professional only deals with the transport of packages from the old house to the new address

The standard offers a more flexible service. It supports the packing and unpacking of fragile objects, as well as the dismantling and reassembly of furniture

Luxury: the mover takes care of everything! All you have to do is check that all your packages have reached their destination safely.

But Which Provider To Choose?

In Swindon, there are many movers. However, pay attention to the choice of online providers, because some are scammers, and offer expensive rates. Favor movers with a good reputation and who are reference companies in the field like the Monsoon Removals Swindon. The only other recommendation we can make for moving companies in Swindon is our partner in Swindon We Move and Clean Swindon | Removals and House Movers. They have been in the business of house moving for over ten years and are our choice for sub-contracting and our recommendation if you call and we are to busy during summer (the busy time for moving in the year).

Also, after having selected a mover, make sure that he/she presents the following documents:

  • Moving insurance: civil or contractual
  • A statement of value that contains a list of all your assets and their total costs
  • A consignment note that contains all the information related to the move
  • And a detailed estimate, mentioning the conditions

Packaging For Removals

Changing your home can quickly become a real obstacle course. In addition, most of us do not know how to prepare for a move properly. The list of things to do includes the preparation of boxes. Discover in the lines that follow our advice to facilitate this step as well as some tips for choosing the most suitable packaging to your needs!

The Kraft Bag For Valuables

The kraft bag is a 100% natural packaging. This paper bag is handy for protecting and packing small valuables such as jewelry, boxes, bedside lamps, etc. It can also act as a protective fit to keep your belongings during the move. Of course, they are made from paper, but know that the kraft paper bags are robust and tear-resistant, hence the German name kraft meaning “strength.” Also, they are biodegradable, which means they are not harmful to the environment.

Cardboard Packaging To Wrap Large Objects

The cardboard is, of course, unavoidable during a move. It offers several advantages: cheaper, lightweight, practical and robust. Also, it is available in different sizes. Generally, it takes 20 cartons for an adult and 10 for a child. When assembling, remember to use a large tape (brown or white) that you will then note in pen. This will allow you to organize well and not get tangled.

Also don’t be afraid to buy a lot of boxes when you move. If you have ever moved you know that one can not have to many boxes. If anything you want more boxes than needed as it’s better to keep them in storage for when you move again compared to not having enough while you move.

The “Bull Pack” To Guarantee The Safety Of Your Belongings

Before you use kraft bags and cartons, you must wrap your belongings (and especially objects that may break) in a bull pack. Also called bubble wrap, this film helps dampen shocks during the journey, but not only. It will also serve to fill the void in the cardboard boxes. You now know the packaging that is essential for a successful move. Last tip before leaving us: remember to prepare your cards at least a month before D-Day. This will save you time and improve your organization.